LLC "Severboat"
Krasnoyarsk, street C floating station, 61
Tel: 8 (800) 550-45-95
Technical assistance
Tel: + 7 (913) 187-88-88
Authorized service
station "RTK"

Kemerovo region
Novokuznetsk district
pos. Talzhino, Sovetskaya st., 1/4

Phone number:
+7 (961) 710-27-00

"Green Light" authorized service station

Nenets Autonomous Okrug
Naryan-Mar, Yubileynaya st., 85A

Phone number:
+7 (911) 566-63-55

and Service

We carry out diagnostics and maintenance:

Diagnostics and configuration
  • engine diagnostics;
  • running-in and engine adjustment;
  • diagnostics of spark plugs;
  • checking and adjusting the angle of attack of the propeller;
Consumable Replacement
  • engine oil;
  • oil in the gearbox;
  • coolant;
  • oil filter;
  • air filter;
  • fuel filter;
Preventive maintenance
  • cleaning the engine and parts;
  • flushing the fuel system;
  • hauling the cord of the fence;
  • replacement of scales on the boat.

Aero boats

We carry out repair work of any complexity:

Essential elements
  • engine;
  • gearbox;
  • elements of the power plant;
  • fuel and exhaust system;
  • control devices;
  • sensors;
  •  other electronic components;
  • repair of aluminum body parts;
  • repair of the inflatable body part;
  • installation of patches in places of cuts
    and punctures;
  • manufacturing of new air cylinders.

and Modernization

You can order the manufacture or installation, for example, of such additional equipment:

Power point
  • autonomous engine pre-heater;
  • electric pump for pumping cylinders;
  • additional battery;
  • enlarged metal fuel tank;
Interior and electronics
  • autonomous interior heater;
  • additional glass wipers;
  • additional soft passenger seats with backrests;
  • additional folding seats
    on lockers, forming a sleeping place;
  • additional optics of different power levels;
  • navigation system;
  • additional lockers;
  • marine radio;
  • marine acoustics;
Attachment Equipment
  • spinning holders;
  • convertible undercarriage awning;
  • transport awning for the power plant
  • shipping awning for the entire airboat;
  • removable undercarriage awning for the Phantom model;
    from water ingress;
  • parking tent for the "Phantom" model, which completely covers the bow of the boat for a comfortable pastime;
  • transom structures.


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