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Aerobots "North"

The history of airboats has been going on for more than 100 years and their path, which began in the Russian Empire, managed to start

them literally in every corner of our world. Airbots - their alternative name (from English airboat - airboat, airboat) and despite such Anglicism - today the leadership in the production of this transport still remains
for Russia.

The company "Sever" produces airboats according to its own technologies, using the best materials from all over the world.

This allows us to surprise not only our compatriots, but also to be best offer in class
at the global level. You don't need to be an expert to understand what we are talking about: even a quick glance at the photos
reveals striking differences in the very logic of assembling the two boats. Of course, visual excellence is a matter
is not limited.

When creating our airbots, we first of all consult with the real owners of such equipment, study their needs and, thereby, solve their most pressing problems. That is, even after seasons or even years, such equipment remains relevant and in demand, which is confirmed by the secondary market. Airboats of the "Sever" company do not lose in price, and taking into account the unstable ruble, they are also an excellent investment. If
for any reason, you are going to give up rest or work on the airboat - find a new owner
is not difficult.

This technique is appreciated for its easy maintenance... You do not need special skills and rare
or specialized parts to tidy up the transport before the season. The protective scales will last more than one season, and if necessary, replacing it will also not cause difficulties. However, we value your time.
and we will be happy to carry out full maintenance on our side.

The customer always comes first!

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