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Special series Phantom 650K Hunter

Phantom 650K

We present a special series Phantom 650K Hunter in a modification with a front door. 



What for? Everything is very simple. 

This nimble and agile kid with a huge power reserve in the special edition is not only equipped with a comfortable cabin, but also with an exit
to the front platform for easy entry and exit.


Consider the benefits for yourself!

  • Convenient access to the front platform for fishing or under a parking tent-tent
  • Ergonomic cab with full sleeper 
  • Double noise isolation
  • Large power reserve
  • Anti-slip coatings as standard
  • Advanced accessories from outboard travel motor to solar panels. 


С airboat Phantom 650K Hunter fishing on narrow and winding rivers gets a new one in a special edition
character - unsurpassed comfort and absolute cross-country ability. 

We invite you for a test drive!
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