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River register taken!

Phantom 850K

Our Phantom 850A received a certificate of the river register.
This means it is approved for commercial use, safe for passengers and reliable to operate even
in the harshest conditions of the Far North of our country. 


Distinctive feature aerodolts Phantom 850A Is a spacious cabin that can accommodate tourist groups of up to 17 people! 

The unique driving characteristics of the Phantom 850A airboat allow you to cover long distances in the wildest and most extreme conditions. 

Passing any water obstacles - rapids, hummocks, shallow water, snow and ice while remaining comfortable for your passengers - is the main goal aerodolts Phantom 850And, with which she successfully copes. The first Phantom 850A was released in April 2018. Then it was an individual project for the transportation of tourist groups on the Lama Lake to the Putorana Plateau.

To date, the model has switched to mass production and airboat North Phantom 850A successfully cope with their tasks
for the transportation of tourists along the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, in the Altai Territory along the Katun River and in St. Petersburg along the Gulf of Finland. 

A sense of freedom and confidence in technology are the main advantages of the Phantom 850A in passenger transportation. 

For tourists, this is an opportunity to quickly visit the sights of the region, regardless of weather conditions and inaccessibility of places, and for a travel company, this is confidence in the unsurpassed comfort of being on board and in the safety of passengers
on the route. 


All-welded aluminum cabin of the Phantom 850A airboat:

  • made of high-strength aluminum of European production;
  • equipped with double noise insulation;
  • heating systems;
  • navigation and multimedia systems;
  • soft seats for drivers and passengers are made according to the principle of high ergonomics.

Despite the impressive dimensions, airboat Phantom 850A quite maneuverable and on the water develops a speed of up to 70 km per hour. 

Aero boat North Phantom 850A. We can say with confidence that this is the best solution for connoisseurs of high-quality and safe movement on water and ice for tourist groups.
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