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Versatile, practical and easy-to-fly amphibious airboats by right have long been called water SUVs. These vessels are capable of overcoming mountain streams with obstacles protruding from the water, difficult wetlands, polluted sections of rivers,
as well as ice hummocks.


The idea of ​​creating an airboat arose due to the imperfection of the principle of operation of other water technology.: for a boat with an outboard motor, a deep-water river is needed, since, falling into shallow water, the propeller of a motor boat immediately breaks down; a water cannon also needs a stable, preferably unpolluted, water surface at least 20 cm deep, otherwise the water intake grate is clogged with grass
or small stones that can get between the impeller and the shell and also disable the equipment; for the same hovercraft (SVP) a relatively flat water or snow-covered surface is required, without protruding volumetric obstacles and significant slopes, if it gets into conditions unfavorable for the pillow, it loses its tightness, pressure and, as a result, the ability to move.

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