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NEW! Phantom 650 with cockpit. MEET!

Phantom 650 with cockpit

Aerial boat North Phantom six hundred and fifty ka is undoubtedly the fastest and surest way to get to the most inaccessible places of hunting and fishing.

Continuing the traditions of the Phantom six hundred and fifty airboat, we have added an ergonomic cabin to the new version so that, in addition to the usual speed, you can enjoy the comfort of movement and turn the path into a real adventure.

  • Warm and spacious cabin airboat phantom six hundred and fifty ka allows you to spend the night in the boat even in the most severe frosts. Now the expedition can last not even hours - but days, and your goals can be even more global. 
  • The platform of the new model has become flat. It would seem that such a small difference, but this allowed us to increase its capacity, as well as safely place ATVs, snowmobiles and other equipment right on board your airboat.
  • Thanks to the appearance of the cab, it became possible to increase aerodynamic performance, add special grooves and protrusions that help direct vortex flows into the propeller, increasing travel speed without unnecessary fuel loss. The materials and assemblies inherent in all models of the North airboat, which have been proven for years, can now fully manifest themselves.
  • With aero boat North Phantom 650K you are not dependent on the season - shallow water, river blockages, rapids, hummocks, thin ice, thickets of reeds, areas with a fast current and other hardships of the elements will no longer cause you any inconvenience. On the airboat, driven by a powerful propeller, you can easily go everywhere and regardless of the depth of the water. 
  • Aero boat North Phantom 650K - Great catch. - Successful hunting.

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