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Life beats with a (wrench) wrench!

It is unlikely that someone in April 2020 did not hear about COVID-19, so we will do without background information and go straight to the pressing issues: how has the coronavirus affected our work, what changes to expect
in the near future and in general how sad is it?

Let's start with the main thing: Sever is doing well! * knocked on wood *

We sincerely sympathize with people whose business is now receiving the strongest blows of fate, but as for our activities: boats
and all-terrain vehicles are assembled, run in and sold. Of course, with a small "but": being a large and responsible company
(and also due to the issued regulations) - we have suspended the work of all dealerships. Go to the salon soon
and admire our technique, alas, will not work.

But we were not “North” if we hadn’t figured out how to adapt to this new world!


Besides that you can still consult with us through any convenient channels (phone, mail, instant messengers, social networks, etc.) - at your request, we will present the selected airboat or swamp vehicle via video link. Any screw
or rivet right on your screen in real time, welcome to the 21st century. Also, do not forget that cargo transportation works smoothly, which means that the ordered equipment will arrive exactly on time without delay. Trucks do not know the word "self-isolation". And that's not to mention the fact that we are in touch with you 24/7 through social networks. By the way, don't forget to subscribe:


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Why is this even important if people are forced to stay at home anyway?

The market will inevitably change and after the pandemic we will all feel it ourselves. On days like these, purchasing reliable premium technology -
it is not only an outlet and moral satisfaction, but also tangible benefit in the long run next 6-12 months. I bought the airboat in the summer season, sold it in the winter season and improved my family budget quite well. The scheme is simple, but working. Half-empty dealerships before closing confirm this, so giving up a dream now is not so much a limitation of yourself as a shortsighted financial decision. It is worth considering!

By the way, for those who are not chasing new products from the assembly line - recently we have completely updated the section on the site with boats in stock. Full description, specifications and many live photos - everything as you like.


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