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Setting up receivers for the "North" signal

It was some kind of a week of self-isolation, and even the most optimistic people were already a little discouraged. Especially those who really live within four walls.

About how we adapt to this time - we already wrote last week. In short: even if it was forced, but the whole team managed to do a triple somersault from the spot and for the duration of the pandemic restructured the whole work, strengthening our communication with new and potential buyers online (read more here).

Developing this theme - now we want to offer you something completely new!

Of course, we are looking forward to your feedback!

There are many new videos and even more ideas ahead, the implementation of which directly depends on your views, likes and all this. We do not mark as bloggers, so there is no need to be afraid - there will be no advertisements for bookmakers on this channel.

Otherwise, the past week passed without grandiose events, which in our time can already be considered a positive sign. Aero boats and all-terrain vehicles find their owners, people invest in technology, providing themselves with a "pillow" for an unstable tomorrow. 

Over the past 7 days, we managed to send the equipment to 3 different regions (took it out of my head, you can insert the real number of transactions here), so we sincerely congratulate the new owners of the “Sever” equipment. Welcome to family!

By the way, about the family. We hope that despite all the restrictions, you managed to meet with your loved ones this past Easter Sunday. After all, if not native people - why is all this at all ...

Your team "North"


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