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"Black Pearl" of the speed festival "Baikal Mile"

The thundering festival of speed "Baikal Mile" is over, and the interest in its participants on the network is only flaring up. One of them was a test pilot airboat "Sever 750K" Dmitry Parshin. Having received the unofficial name "Black Pearl", airboat "North" became an adornment of the social networks of all participants and spectators of the race.

During the festival of speed on ice, the participants set records and entered their names into the Russian Book of Records, Dmitry was no exception. He managed to set a record of 155,9 km / h at a distance of 1 mile (1,6 km).

Upon returning home, to Krasnoyarsk, the city of the creation of the unique "Sever" technology, Dmitry answered several questions.


Dmitry, you are only 21 years old, but the way you fly such a powerful vehicle is delightful. When did you first get behind the wheel of an airboat?

- There has always been an interest in technology. Motorcycles, cars, boats and ATVs are my element. I got behind the wheel of a car when I was 8 years old, and at 10 I was already driving a boat. Then we did not produce them yet, but now this experience helps me in the tests.


If the competition was in open water, would it be easier?

- Grip on water at high speed is almost the same as on ice. I don't think there would be a dramatic difference in the results of the race. The only difference is the braking distance - on the water, of course, it is shorter.


You set a record of 155,9, which is the fastest speed at a distance of 1 mile. Can the boat be bigger?

- The boat I was on as part of the Baikal Mile is quite large, with a capacity of up to 12 people. By the way, at the event, 35 people moved easily in it (laughs), so the speed for such a short distance of 1,6 km is a pretty good result. As practice has shown, the boat only begins to accelerate at the end of the mile, so its maximum speed cannot be judged by such a short interval.


Will you be preparing or making changes to the design features of the boat for the next competition?

- I will definitely not change the design of the boat specifically for the competition. Our engineers take into account all aerodynamic subtleties and all models are as perfect as possible today. Such an indicator as "speed" is one of the priority tasks on this list, because it affects both fuel consumption and the comfort of the pilot. Next year I will be participating in a different boat. Most likely it will be "North 650" with an open cockpit or "North 650K".


Do you participate in the creation of new boat modifications

- Yes, sure! I am directly involved in changes to existing models and new modifications, since during operation various features and needs are identified in real conditions. I am a test pilot of all "North" vehicles and a production manager, since one is inseparable from the other. If you don’t experience it yourself, you cannot create something new.

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